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3/21/2017 12:00:00 AM PACIFIC
Updated: 3/21/2017 10:35:54 AM PACIFIC
For more information, contact Lisa Teske.
Trios Health expands volunteer program, opens multiple positions
Kennewick, Wash. – Trios Health is seeking multiple volunteers to fill a variety of positions throughout its facilities, in response to increased demand for their support. Volunteers are needed to work in the gift shop, in facility lobbies greeting and/or helping transport patients to their appointments, as patient companions, and to help with office and clerical tasks. 

“We currently have about 130 volunteers working at least four hours per week in various capacities,” said Lisa Gallegos, director of volunteer services at Trios. “Their support in key areas has increased since we expanded to the Southridge campus, and as we seek to keep traditional staffing levels throughout the organization as lean as possible.” 

In return for the generous donation of their time, volunteers receive a free meal for every four-hour shift worked, free use of an embroidered volunteer jacket, free annual tuberculosis testing and flu shots (optional), quality training and educational opportunities, and recognition activities. “All we ask is that our volunteers commit to working at least four hours per week so we can keep a regular schedule across the variety of work areas that rely on our support,” said Gallegos.

The department’s goal is to increase the number of volunteers to about 200, while paying close attention to assigning people to work areas where they can be most helpful and comfortable with the associated tasks. “It’s important to us that our volunteers are happy with the jobs they’re doing, because that’s when they’ll be at their best and feel most fulfilled by their service,” said Gallegos. “We have a variety of different options for people to explore right now, so I invite anyone interested in volunteering to contact me and we’ll work together to find a good fit among the available positions.”

Those interested in learning more about or applying for volunteer opportunities at Trios Health are encouraged to visit or call Lisa Gallegos at 509-221-7771.