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5/19/2017 12:00:00 AM PACIFIC
Updated: 5/19/2017 10:10:04 AM PACIFIC
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Trios Urgent eCare now available to Medicare subscribers

Trios Health’s new telemedicine service—Trios Urgent eCare— is now available for use by those covered under Medicare plans. Though the service requires payment of a low flat fee at the time of use, with no insurance billing involved, state-level information gathering requirements specific to people with these plans necessitated a system enhancement that has been in the works since the service launched in late January.

Trios Urgent eCare allows patients to consult with a board certified provider via telephone or video chat (i.e., Skype or FaceTime) for common ailments. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to the physical convenience and comfort made possible by a virtual visit, patients of the service can expect wait times averaging up to just 30 minutes and a flat fee per visit—regardless of insurance coverage—of $39. Patients covered under Medicare may personally submit claims for reimbursement; however, Medicare may not pay for the virtual healthcare visit. If a person is referred for in-person care within the first three minutes of their Urgent eCare visit, the $39 fee is waived.

“People in our community have really appreciated this new service,” said Dr. Wassim Khawandi, medical director for Trios Medical Group. “Patient usage and positive feedback have exceeded our expectations since its launch in January, and we’re very happy to have completed the system changes that will now allow us to offer it to those covered under Medicare plans. Everyone should have access to a service like this for when those unexpected, but fairly common health issues come up and facilities are closed or otherwise inconvenient.”

Urgent eCare is Trios Health’s answer to a nationwide call for improved patient access to care options that suit busy and changing lifestyles. Telemedicine services are increasing in availability throughout the United States, Trios Urgent eCare the first such offering to be launched in the Tri-Cities.

As part of the service, Urgent eCare providers are authorized to make additional care referrals, as well as sending prescription orders—with the exception of narcotics and refills—to a patient’s local pharmacy of choice. One does not need to be an existing patient of any other Trios Health provider or service in order to use Trios Urgent eCare, however Urgent eCare visit records for those who are current Trios Medical Group patients will automatically be sent to their primary provider for follow-up.

More information about how Urgent eCare works, including FAQs and an instructional video, are available at Community members may request a visit online from this webpage, or call 1-888-TRIOS-03 (1-888-874-6703) to initiate a visit by phone.