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Keeping Well

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Health information especially for seniors.
How the heat affects seniors
Older people are among those at greatest risk for heat-related illnesses.
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Seniors who are repeatedly abused often live with their abuser
Speaking up when you see signs of elder abuse may prevent repeat abuse.
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Alzheimer's claiming more and more lives
There was a 54 percent increase in deaths from this memory-robbing disease. Many Alzheimer's patients are dying at home, suggesting a growing need for caregiver aid.
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Stress-busting tips for Alzheimer's caregivers
Keep yourself healthy so you can care for your loved one.
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Infographic: Garden safety
Gardening is a great way to boost your wellness, but make sure to plant seeds for safety before you get in the dirt.
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Allergies and asthma
Information on sneezing, wheezing and other breathing problems.
Make summer easier on your lungs with 5 key steps
Breathe easier this summer and learn how to protect yourself from polluted air that could hurt your lungs and overall health.
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Traveling with allergies and asthma
Traveling to different parts of the country may expose you to different—and maybe more—allergens and asthma triggers than you're used to.
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Avoiding and treating insect stings
Learn how to avoid insect stings and what to do if you get stung.
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A shot to prevent sneezes?
Allergy shots could prevent another sniffly season.
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Quiz: Hay fever
If you have hay fever, what are you actually allergic to? Test your smarts about seasonal allergies with this quiz.
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Information on arthritis and other conditions that affect the joints.
Gardening with arthritis
Don't let arthritis keep you from enjoying your garden.
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Losing grip: Who's most at risk of hand arthritis?
Wear and tear takes a toll on hands, but other factors play a role too.
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Chondroitin sulfate may be the best choice for soothing the pain of knee arthritis
A European study found that highly purified chondroitin sulfate works as well as a prescription NSAID in easing arthritic knee pain, but without the risky side effects.
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FDA wants a dangerous opioid taken off the market
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has asked a pharmaceutical company to withdraw one of its painkillers because of widespread abuse.
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Get your home ready for hip surgery
Pave the way to a smooth recovery with these 5 ways to prep your space.
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Information about cancer types, treatments and prevention strategies.
Quiz: Skin cancer
Can skin cancer be prevented? Test your knowledge with this quiz.
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Liver cancer deaths skyrocket in the U.S.
Liver cancer is the fastest-growing cause of cancer deaths in this country. Is a virus partly to blame?
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Three steps could prevent many breast cancers, report suggests
A new report offers suggestions for changes women can make to help prevent breast cancer.
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Infographic: Sun safety
Sun exposure is a preventable skin cancer risk factor.
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Grilling with an eye toward good health
Tips for avoiding health hazards when you grill.
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Children and parenting
Tips for keeping kids healthy.
Summer safety for kids
Five safety zones parents should keep in mind this summer.
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Kids and lawn mowers: Not a good mix
A study found that lawn mower injuries send an average of 13 kids to hospital emergency departments in the U.S. every day.
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Kids don't need to use cotton swabs
Using cotton swabs to clean out earwax is unsafe—as well as unnecessary.
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Have kids, will travel
Tips for taking your kids on vacation.
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For college students, family support lessens suicide risk
Parents and guardians can offer protection against depression and self-harm, finds a new study.
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Helpful tips for people with diabetes.
Diabetes: Taking care of your skin
Up to 1/3 of people with diabetes are eventually affected by skin conditions ranging from itchiness to serious infections.
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Sun, sand, sea and diabetes? Plan ahead for safety
Keep these five tips in mind when you head out for the surf and sand.
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Monitoring diabetes at home
Do you know your blood sugar level?
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How diabetes damages the body
When not properly controlled, diabetes can cause complications from head to toe.
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Diabetes and air travel
Review the guidelines before taking diabetes supplies on an airplane.
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Heart health
Information about heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular conditions.
Exercising when you have heart disease
A heart problem usually isn't a reason to avoid physical activity.
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Aging arteries can be healthy arteries
Blood vessels tend to stiffen with age, but they don't have to. A new study says lifestyle makes all the difference.
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5 tips for heart-healthy grilling
You don't have to sacrifice great flavor to make your backyard barbecues healthier for your heart.
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Feasting on fruits and veggies may keep legs healthy
A new study found that eating three or more servings of produce a day may cut your chances of developing blocked arteries in your legs, which can raise your risk of heart disease and stroke.
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Heart health: What is a stress test?
An exercise stress test can show how well your heart performs and detect problems that can be treated.
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Men's health
Health information especially for men.
Safe grilling
The key to safe and tasty grilled food is cooking each item to the right temperature.
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Alcohol shrinks the brain's memory center
Even moderate drinking may be bad for your brain, according to a recent study.
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Hot spots: How to avoid heat illness
What you can do to stay safe when the temperature rises.
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Dad's role in a healthy pregnancy
It takes two to make a bouncing baby, and you're half the equation.
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Medicines can make skin sun-sensitive
Certain medicines can make skin more vulnerable to damage or allergic reactions when exposed to sunlight.
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Nutrition and fitness
Tips for eating right, staying active and maintaining a healthy weight.
Exercise, hot weather can be a dangerous mix
Have fun outdoors, but stay cool.
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What's the best time to exercise?
Early in the morning or late in the day, here's how to work out what works best for you.
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So what's a healthy diet? Many Americans aren't sure
Nearly 8 in 10 Americans say they encounter conflicting information about which foods to eat and which ones to avoid.
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Fitness trackers can't do it all, study finds
Researchers looked at how well fitness trackers measured heart rate and calories burned. Turns out you can rely on a tracker for only one of these measurements.
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Red meat linked to premature death from nine different causes
Choosing chicken or fish over red meat and processed meats may reduce the risk of dying early from a range of health problems, according to a new study.
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Women's health
Health information especially for women.
Sunscreen basics
Learn how sunscreen can help save your skin.
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Sunburn: More than just red skin
Sunburn is a warning sign that your skin has sustained serious damage.
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Avoid unapproved versions of Juvederm, FDA warns
They could be ineffective or even dangerous.
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Three steps could prevent many breast cancers, report suggests
A new report offers suggestions for changes women can make to help prevent breast cancer.
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Quiz: Women and sports injuries
Discover some of the special risks female athletes face with this five-question quiz.
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